The Fake Girl or the Brave Warrior

The way she spoke , her dresses and her whereabouts they judged her on everything they knew nothing or cared about.

They saw her with lenses that had its own color differentiating between the right and the wrong ,without even questioning that’s how the opinions about her were formed.

Peace was her priority ,if only instead of her short dresses they could speak about her intelligence and loyalty what a beautiful place the world for her and many other girls would be.

Was her confidence intimidating or was it inspiring? She was too real and honest for a world that dwells on conspiring.

Gauche and  cliché were used to define her sweet behavior and accent .Judging others was never her way but they got her served  in buffet.

She did try to get along but she was ignored and called fake.

When they spoke about her, information about her with little or no clarity was conveyed  over coffees and lattes .

Had they known the real truth about her none of this would have started she did look like a princess but she had won battles much before others  had even  started.

The battles she won did teach her a lesson or two they taught her to respect everyone including the enemy on the battleground , never think less about anyone and never believe anything untrue

She was a warrior she was meant to survive but what about the weaker ones who parted. Judging others is not a option for the brave as truth always shows up its  face even if it had been dug deep inside a grave.

-Joshna Tandel

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