The Escaped Words


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It darted back and forth for hours together,

Then got fixated by the door.

Amused, at how sun filtered through the narrow passage,

Blinding and obstructing the view to the immediate surrounding.

Isn’t it how words escape and find its way to people’s heart?

Hang there and stare at them.

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Times we let go of it and there are times we hold on to it.

It’s the way the heart plays with those words.

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Anupama Soni
Anupama is an advancement professional who works with the globally recognized engineering university, IIT Bombay. A fundraiser by day and a reader and writer by night, Anupama has a strong background in corporate communications. She draws her inspirations from people and their most intense experiences, the kind that brings about profound personal change. She is especially interested in mythology and aspires to write a book on that someday. She comes from a family of writers, which forms the foundation of her passion for the written word.
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