The Enemy Within You

Mood swings are a part of life. Sometimes you are happy and sometimes sad. Every day you have an unaccountable change of mood, they are the diversity of life. But some events boast your emotions. These extreme emotions are your enemy.

When you are extremely angry you are not in your senses; you can hurt some one`s feeling, even the murders occur due to high temper. There is a Quote from (Imam Ali a.s) that

“Never take a decision while you are Angry”

Similarly, sadness can lead to the feeling of hopelessness and loneliness, even the suicide attempts are the result of extreme sadness and stress.
Besides these negative ones, the positive extreme emotions are also harmful to you, like Joy; when you are so much happy you accept every thing and you make big promises; which you are not able to fulfill.
Similarly, the emotion of extreme trust can destroy you as well. When you trust a person extremely you will tell him all your secrets, which can ruin your life. There is a Quote that

“Tell your secrets (to your friend) to this limit that if your enemy finds out, it cannot cause you any harm.”

Consequently, your extreme emotions are your enemy. But keep that in mind that you can Fight Back, just find the ways to suppress them.


Curtis Jackson said
“I have every feeling that everyone else has, but I have developed ways to suppress them, anger is one of my most comfortable feelings”.



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