The Embers

The Embers

The embers glowing alive.

Even when you’re gone, still safe in my archive.

The echo of laughter resounds within.

Your footprints fresh at the door you walked in.

The crisp weather

And the way we both used to care for each other

Waiting for you by the lakeside when I am early

To watch the orange carps swimming in a hurry

Checking phone for your messages

Funny videos, songs or images

Waiting every night back home for you to be online

Some stupid jokes and feeling on a cloud nine

Hope my words weren’t too sharp to offend

When I used to say “Eat like a pig, my friend”

But time had been tough

We couldn’t have enough

Roots of misunderstanding grew thicker day by day

Pulling us both apart and we walked along the opposite way

And time was certainly too jealous to see us both happy together

Now, we just know each other as a perfect stranger

I still look out the window when the bus would pass from your place

And I feel quite sad now when I couldn’t see your face

We both knew we couldn’t be always perfect

But what I have for you is tremendous respect

I still remember you asked me to write one for you

And these are few embers,

I could gather as the time sweeps through.

-By Arun Bahadur Gurung

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