The Elusive INFJ

 September 22, 2016

The Elusive INFJ

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The Elusive INFJ

29 comments on “The Elusive INFJ

  1. Xpe la 50/50..hehe especially masa berkerja xboleh jd INFP sgt..nt meroyan kne adopt your INJT traits..but when im alone im happiest being the INFP or INFJ..feeling the lightest ever otherwise drained..

  2. I take been taking the test since I was 15 and so so about every 5 years since personally and people change. I always come up with INFJ. Even though this test is somewhat outdated now I found it personally helped me grow as a person and has been spot on. If any fell INFJ’s out there are looking for a good resource I found this website in my 20’s and it really helps you understand the madness that goes on in your brain. I hope it helps one of you. Good luck!

    • It’s been around for years. It’s outdated in psychology circles, they seem to use the Big Five Personality test now as a more accurate gage on people. But whatever is meaningful in your life is what’s important.

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