The Eisenhower Box: How This Decision Matrix Can Help You Succeed

The Eisenhower Box

According to a 2019 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, people who invest time in distracting activities, like watching TV, may experience a level of positivity in their mindset and productivity the next day.

However, continued engagement in distraction adversely affected their moods and motivation as their productivity reduced significantly in the coming days. While, people who engage in self-development activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, or volunteering tend to be more calm and focused in their work. So, when in moderation, distraction can be okay, but excessive indulgence can be counter-productive.

Instead of aiming to completely rid yourself of Not Urgent and Not Important tasks, try to only spend a very limited amount of time on them. 5% or less of your waking hours is a good goal,” suggest the McKays.

How to use the Eisenhower Box 

If you are wondering how you can implement the Eisenhower Decision Matrix into your life, then here is a helpful guideline that will show you how you can get started:

  • Make a to-do list as it will help you to organize your important and urgent tasks.
  • Set a limit for the number of Quadrant 1 tasks you want to accomplish in a certain period of time. Try to include only 8 tasks for each quadrant.
  • Question yourself and verify what is urgent and important and worth doing first.
  • Plan ahead. Always schedule your tasks the evening before for the next day so that you have a clear objective.
  • Avoid distractions and do not allow other people or external factors to interfere or influence your priority.
  • Identify the tasks that you can delegate to others and keep checking the progress.
  • Try to avoid multitasking and focus on completing one task at a time.
  • Utilize tools that can help you with managing time and bad habits like social media blocking tools.
  • Avoid procrastination as much as possible. Do not spend excessive time on Quadrant 4 tasks on a daily basis.
The Eisenhower Box: How This Decision Matrix Can Help You Succeed
Summary of the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Live up to your full potential

The end goal of the Eisenhower Method is to help you filter the noise from your decisions and concentrate on what really matters to you,” explains Thomas Oppong. If you wish to improve your productivity, time management and your life, then you need to prioritize the most important and urgent tasks first on a daily basis. Moreover, you also need to invest more time on tasks in the first two quadrants of the Eisenhower Box. It is also important that you ensure that you are not just being reactive, but accomplishing tasks that are important to you.

I promise as you spend most of your time working on Not Urgent but Important tasks, you’ll feel a renewed sense of calm, control, and composure in your life. You’ll feel like you’re making real progress,” write Brett & Kate McKay. Oppong adds “You can only benefit from the Eisenhower Method if you can commit yourself to making radical categorization of your daily tasks.

What are you waiting for? Use the Eisenhower method to maximize your productivity now. 

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

Eisenhower Box Pin
The Eisenhower Box: How This Decision Matrix Can Help You Succeed
Eisenhower Box Urgent Important Matrix Help Succeed Pin
The Eisenhower Box: How This Decision Matrix Can Help You Succeed
The Eisenhower Box pin
The Eisenhower Box: How This Decision Matrix Can Help You Succeed
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