The Ego V/s The soul

The Ego V/s The soul

The Ego V/s The soul

The Ego (False Self) Vs. The Soul (True Self)

THE EGO (false self)THE SOUL (true self)
ME Separation Blame Hostility Resentment Pride Complain Jealousy Anger Power Materialism Madness War Coldness Past/future-oriented Intolerance Self-importance Egoism Self-denial Social intolerance Living up to this and that DoingWE Unity Understanding Friendliness Forgiveness Love Gratefulness co-happiness Happiness Humble Spiritualism Wisdom Peace Sympathy Now orientation Tolerance We importance Altruism Self-acceptance Social acceptor), Simplicity Just be

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  1. Well…I doubt, whether the ego is as negative as potrayed here?? Though the word 'ego' is always used in 'not a good' sense….YET..few points need to be pondered. Firstly, we should be very clear about the fine lines of demarcation between self respect, self worth, self love, self obsession, and arrogance or pride. Secondly, it is a matter of individual perspective, that what one declares to be haughtiness of other, is actually a reserved/ serious personality trait…..may be innate or may be acquired for personal reasons! Thirdly, isnt it more than often, that we so precisely and impatiently diagnose a so termed 'ego-istic' behaviour in others, when our expectations from them are not fulfilled?? On one hand we talk about realising self worth in relations…of doing justice to our self respect..and on other hand we so hastily tag a person to be selfish/ self centred!! Anyway….according to me, there will always be endless debates on this, if we shall try to define or characterise 'Ego' in terms of relation to the world. For me EGO should find a better meaning if chanellised to that Supreme Divine…E- Eternity, G- God, O-Oneness…i.e. ONE-NESS WITH GOD TILL ETERNITY!!!

  2. Anna Leah Moon ,we are just talking as adults and friends,see how this sounds,what if the virtues of the ''soul'' listed is an ''end result'' and only achieved thru the actions of the Ego,for example,peace might only be gained thru war…the wisdom of ''age'' can only be gained thru the ''Egoism'' of youth and we are all a ''mixture'' of both…my problem is the destruction of the Ego…

  3. Terry D. Pickron violence is a wasteful emotion. It only scars us in the end. Anger is good but hatred is not. Reconciliation and forgiveness are tools to make us feel better. You said that to grow in this life means disassociation from the past so to do that one must forgive no matter how painful it is. Slavery is just is the total degradation of humanity. I still think that life is unfair..i grew-up angry about anything. Why? Why this and that only made me miserable because i can't change all the unfairness i see all around me. And i've wasted myself. I only realized that the only change I could muster is in me. I could be my master or slave..strong or weak ..

    1. Anna Leah Moon ,with respect…these are symptoms not the illness…your expectations of peace,trust,simplicity,peace,etc…were betrayed by the soul that desired what was not realistic…but whatever works…the ego is the last hope before death…

  4. …''idealism requires nothing…history and reality demand action and sometimes violence'' (?),masters and slaves….abusers and abused…the strong and the weak…etc…look and see history…

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