The Divine Revelation Of Ecstatic Happiness

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Sometimes my brain challenges my existence,
And I cannot accept this easily,
Then the heart is engulfed in the dilemma of conflict and surrender
There is unbearable anger at finding solutions to fragmented questions,
I look around, flutter here and there in confusion,
Then everything looks a bit like a face
Blurred, a fuzzy finger,
Then a tune plays from somewhere
The sound of silence
An invisible wire,
One which has the feeling of taking somewhere far beyond with a warm touch
Enjoying a strange ecstasy,
Which is beyond transient things, far from temporary emotions, things
Communicating positivity even in negativity
Then everything seems to be Shunya
Whether it’s Sorrow or happiness
Gradually, this soul gets rid of the body
And you find the solution to all the problems in self-reflection …

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