The Devil In Me

The Devil In Me

Dissatisfied from life, I know;
Finding no way, hitherto;
Cooking all lies, craving for dough;
Catering for acceptance, losing ourselves though;

Pleasure over pain, times otherwise so;
Corrupting the innocence, temptations from libido;
Feigning a laugh, crying beneath o’;
Conforming sick society, dying on row;

Such is my fate? or Can I  change in-a-mo;
Who is the devil, reason for my woe;
Behold him I cry, searching his glow;
Swaying with fear, from head to toe;

Small steps I took, determined but slow;
Catching his sight, I raised my brow;
I asked his cause, threatening a blow;
I’m the seed, he smacked, I’m the seed you sow.

-By Chetan Harjani

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