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The Depth Of A Woman’s Love

The Depth Of A Woman’s Love

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She just wants your soul to be her shelter,
She would build an empire if you’d love her.
She’d fill your prodigal soul with shooting stars,
She’d be your silence,

Even if in the world would be a thousand wars.
Tell me, do you know how much love a woman feels,
When her tiny hands try reaching yours?
She’s not as strong as you, yet she’s a human.
She shows her love while doing household chores.
Do you know about what she wonders,
When you hold her in your embrace?
She’d like even through the thunders,
Your hands around her. Your eyes. Your face.
When she’s thoughtfully looking into your eyes.
Or when she plays with you childish games,

When she’s drowning in your arms and cries,
She puts together in her heart your names.

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    Daniela Ciobanu
    I am a hopeless romantic. I aspire to inspire people by my example. I want to be a healer and to make others avoid painful experiences. Also, I want to be a role model when talking about unconditional love and trust.
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