The Depressed Rebellion!

I, WOMAN, herewith chose to no longer be: – the woman of a man’s dream- the subject of someone’s dispute – the daughter of my mother- the good girl in the family- the fair boss- the supportive friend- the inspiring power figure- the understanding being- the motivating colleague- the sexy mama- the old soul – the young spirit- the unique mind- the selfish human- the forever flowing energy of a giving in vain soul – a spirit in a human form seeking humanity in an inhuman persistent dimension so  limiting with its labelling, framing and belittling I will no longer be held accountable for what I do not chose. And I shall not chose what I do not with all my might desire. I will not be urged to be, act, show, behave or reflect what I am not! 

I herewith, body, mind and soul give in to my spirit to cary me far far away to the source and the place I belong. I let be my true self each and everything it forever talked me into and I didn’t listen. May my true self shine, aspire and become what it is and all it may be without me standing in its way thinking wise or protective. There is no wiser than the intuition of an awakened mind. There is no able force bigger than a connected soul. There is no light brighter than a spirit in the now.

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