The Deepest Pain I Ever Felt

The Deepest Pain I Ever Felt

“The deepest pain I ever felt was denying my own feelings to make everyone else comfortable.”

― Nicole Lyons

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  1. Avatar of Karim Gayraud

    Generosity is one of those magical things that cannot be faked. There is nothing more unsatisfying then giving to other without the heart, or giving to oneself for the pleasure of the self. Satisfaction is truly obtained only when things are done because it is the right thing to do whether for others or the self. It takes wisdom to know and wisdom is often acquired through deep personal pain, rarely through self satisfaction.

  2. Avatar of Usayd Valentine

    Deepest pain i ever felt was living my own life… being abused, beaten by y own father around the age of 2 and under, being forced to watch pornographic content at the age of 6, and almost being raped at the age of 10. and also constant abuse from my “mother” and aunt. And watching grandmom and grandfather fight all the time, it was also the grandmother that almost raped me. And believe me i was smart enough to know it was not playful gesture with a child, currently, i am waiting on social services to get me out and into a hostel or into somewhere safe near my school. Supposedly there’s also a small chance of me being moved, which made me leave myself with an ultimatum… either pack my stuff and run away, or commit suicide… But i’m hoping for the best, just don’t know why things had happened to me.

    1. Avatar of Yves Bourgoin

      Time,,,,,,To Heal. I pray, that somehow, someday, somewhere, someone by faith or by fate believes in YOU, in your darkest moments, holds your hand, and softly graces your broken heart, what is humble and kind within you. God speed little man God speed.

    2. Avatar of Carol Diaye Ayotte

      I hope you have the courage to put all the bad things in the past & do everything possible to move on. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Whether you do it with someone’s help or by yourself, it can be done. Life is too precious to end it! <3 <3

    3. Avatar of Yves Bourgoin

      Usayd, Carol Diaye Ayotte and I lost someone dear to us, over twenty years ago, we both loved dearly and there is not a day that we both think of him, actually we lost a part of ourselves as well. This week was not an easy week, I lost two people that I KNEW, to suicide. Please, find someone to talk to about those demons. Both Carol Diaye Ayotte and I WILL, pray for you. The rest is up to little man, God speed

    4. Avatar of Yves Bourgoin

      A person’s Post tells a lot about them. It shows what kind of images they see in their their head etc. Sometimes out of nowhere, and sometimes God works through you without you knowing, that someone out there somewhere, is lost and broken, and that someone has a story, and that story is so deep, deeper than hell, and it is a child at heart, still looking for that child that is lost, read, really read that post, it took everything in that child to tell you, their darkest secrets. Be Humble and Kind, to someone who is somebody, by God’s grace this is my story, my post, pray that it is never to late to mend a broken heart.

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