The Day I Realized the Real Meaning of Love

The Day I Realized the Real Meaning of Love

It is one of the most beautiful things happened to me the day I realised the real meaning of love.

We often take Love as complicated, it hurts but Love is totally opposite. Attachment to love creates all the problem in our life. It is complicated only when people make it with expectation, put conditions to change the person they love.

Attachment and Love are two different things. Attachment creates fear and dependency on the other person and more to do with love of self rather than love of another. Love sets us free, it creates happiness.

Love is purest when what you can give to others as you are full than others can give you because you are empty.

Love is when other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

Your love is true when there are no conditions to it, you love that person for who they are. If we try to change that person when you are in love then that is not purest love that will be bargaining in love. Love should be unconditionally not conditionally.

When we meet a person and fall in love with that person, we loved that person with his qualities whether bad or good because initially, it didn’t matter but as the relationship grows that same qualities and personality does not catch our eyes…why? Because we are trying to change that person for our own good. Why change the originality of a person.

And expecting in return that they will also do the same thing or maybe something unique for us. This is the root cause of all the relationship in the world. This creates conflict and blame game begins.

Ones who expect are the ones to be blamed for expecting too much from them. If we expect nothing from somebody we are never disappointed. No one is perfect in this world, love them for who they are then all the relationship will be great.

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