The darkness within

The darkness within

The darkness within There is a dark place in each of us, that many can’t escape, where permanent slumber is what we are told to crave, we are stuck in a dark embrace, we think we can never break, it gives us what it thinks we need, pushing those we love further away, it builds a block between us and the world, so that we will stay forever caught in this poisonous place, the plan finally in action, as we are where it wants us to be, the light that once burned so bright in our hearts, it’s stolen that away, it makes us weak, playing on our self doubts and harsh words once said by those we care so much about, now it’s we will not fight back, we have already surrendered, the pain it gives us is to great to bare, making us think the un-thinkable in our brain, we are told there is no other way, we must give in, we must end it all, but there way to break this dark embrace, if you let your family chase it away, they will come with lights, to brighten up your day, the army needed to fight this darkness away, they will show you, this is not the last card you can play, in that you shall find a strength you never knew was there, for you shall walk out of the darkness, head held high, arm to arm with those who love you so and made stronger than ever before, it was your test, your lesson to make you realise, you are the captain of your soul and master of your fate, nothing lasts forever and this darkness shall to pass.

Written and read by: Poems Play



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