The Cycle of Human Hurting goes on

“Humans hurt other humans because they were hurt by humans, and this cycle of human hurting goes on and on and on, because we’ve taught this generation that it’s okay to be selfish.”

You hurt.. I hurt back.. You rehurt back… Where is a stop to this?
How to stop the Hurt Cycle and make this world a better place ?


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47 thoughts on “The Cycle of Human Hurting goes on”

  1. I have always been picked on or bullied many by family I was taught that everything about me was wrong. I always knew I was very different from everyone I knew. When I feel worthless and down I have always went and complimented and tried lifting and listening to others making sure they knew they weren’t alone and they were worth more than what they felt. I feel they will always see the worst in me but deep inside I know they are wrong.

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