The Creator

I’ve travelled many miles, all the days and nights

Wandering over many places, taking many turns in Life

‘Am standing at the Edge and there is no way to come back

I look back and see “My wrongs and Bads” and miseries of Life

I did many mistakes and took wrong tracks

You always Alerter Me but Oh! God I listened to none

You’d send me to reform but ‘am sorry I lost in this Materialistic World

And possessed by it and did many sins for which I was forbidden

I became was very selfish and Pride and think myself higher of all

But now I lament for the chance you have given but I wasted it all

Now here ‘am lying on the bed of thorns and going into deep dark woods

Where my soul is quenching and walking among the sounds of horror and fear all alone

This place is so darker and I hear the cries of creapy souls that is crawling around all

I curse myself for not trusting my creator but now I realized

You are the Lord and creator of this world

And no power is greater than the power of yours

We are your children and our soul is yours

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