The buddhists say

The buddhists say

The Buddhists say if you
meet somebody and your
heart pounds,your hands
shake,your knees go weak,
that’s not the one.

When you meet your
‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm.
No anxiety,no agitation.

– Monica Drake

95 thoughts on “The buddhists say”

    1. I wish I could find this, or it would come to me, 40 and still waiting, think I’m doomed to be alone forever haha! Pleased you have found your happiness in life, it must be amazing 😀

  1. “Soul mate” can only be someone who has a soul about the same “size” as yours. The feeling of “weakness & tremors” comes from feelings of inferiority, in my opinion.

    1. yeah someone you fancy but they make you feel inferior and nervous and that’s why you tremble, they definitely aren’t ‘the one’ the one you should feel yourself with, at ease, it should just be natural not scary lol

    1. It really does though. Plus y’all are so comfortable with each other, know so much about each other, and you’ve been through so much already with them that you just understand each other

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