The Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet Is Happening NOW: Be In The Mission

The Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet Is Happening NOW Be In The Mission


‘Show me my mission, I want to be in full control, and lead the mission I was born for’. Ask for it, give yourself permission. Also, tell your higher self: ‘ I do not want to be a sheep anymore, I will be unique and stand in my own energy. I will not let politicians, the media, commercials, and negative people tell me WHAT TO THINK, WHAT TO BUY, WHAT TO EAT, WHAT TO SAY. I stop with following others- I will lead My way. I will be in full strength, protection, love, and get all the tools I need for my mission. I will break with all the habits that cause me to leak energy, that cause me damage. I believe in myself NOW.’

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It is time for YOU to stand up for humanity, planet earth, and our truth. Connect with all humans, in love. It is time to spread the light, love and the truth of your essence. It is time to stop living for money, and to stand up for the shift. You know it. Billions of people wait for this, and pray for this. You need to stand up for your responsibilities, and to use your tv, media, newspaper, social network to start the shift! You need to work all together and spread the truth, and your light. Today. To all the singers, authors, publishers, artists and journalists: Start writing the truth from today on. Start spreading and connect humanity in the truth. We need you.

~ New energy waking up CALL by Leda de Zwaan,

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Please share, we all need to connect and share. Do not be afraid. You are GREAT!!!!! And so loved!!!

Here we have the message also, as a Movie-message, even more, impressive with music- To share on Your Channels.

Written by Leda De Zwaan
Originally appeared on Enlightening Media

The Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet Is Happening NOW Be In The Mission
Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet

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