The Best Way To Get Him Back Is Having No Contact -Here’s How

The Best Way To Get Him Back Is Having No Contact -Here’s How

You might even consider talking to someone who is objective, someone other than your mother. Someone who can hold up a mirror and enable you to see the person you are juxtaposed against the person you want to be.


All too often in relationships, we become emotionally invested in a way that we begin to act in a certain manner. This can skew how we see things, preventing us from seeing what is right in front of us … including ourselves.


Three weeks — 21 days — is really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It’s the blink of an eye. Anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the no contact rule can make it work for 504 measly hours.

Once you’ve successfully avoided communication with your ex for three weeks, and in the process shown them what a kick-ass person you truly are, deciding whether or not the relationship is something worth saving will come to you much more naturally.

It might be worth a second chance or it might not, but the break allows your decision to come from a balanced perspective — one of strength instead of desperation — and one of reason instead of fear.

Written by Clayton Olson

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The Best Way To Get Him Back Is Having No Contact -Here’s How

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