The Best TV Series Quotes Of 2020

Best Series Quotes 2020

11. Utopia

“There are no sides, just people who help you and people who don’t.” – OG Jessica Hyde (Utopia)

12. Hunters

“See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. But the evil still exists, doesn’t it? Right before your closed eyes and your sealed ears and your muted tongue.” – Meyer Offerman (Hunters)

13. Star Trek: Picard

“To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination.” – Picard (Star Trek: Picard)

14. White Lines

Blame is a bucket of shit that mediocre men throw around. Real men carry blame on their shoulders. – Andreu Calafat (White Lines)

15. Little Fires Everywhere

“Sometimes you need to scorch everything to the ground, and start over. After the burning the soil is richer, and new things can grow.” – Mia Warren (Little Fires Everywhere)

16. Away

“The further away I get, I am actually getting closer to being back to you.” – Emma Green (Away)

17. The Outsider

“A human being cannot exist in two realities at the same time” – Holly Gibney (The Outsider)

18. Killing On Carnival Row

“Chaos is the great hope of those in the shadows.” – Sophie Longerbane (Killing On Carnival Row)

 19. Messiah

“If you look for truth, you may find comfort. If you look for comfort, you will never find truth.” – Messiah (Messiah)

20. Absentia

“Never fear to deliberately walk through dark places for that is how we reach the light on the other side.” – Cal (Absentia)

21. Dracula

“Dreams are a haven where we sin without consequence.” – Sister Agatha Van Helsing (Dracula)

Best TV Series Quotes Of 2020

Which one are your most favorite TV series quotes? Or would you like to add more?

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