The Best Relationships – MIND TALK

The Best Relationships - MIND TALK

The very best relationships, those that seem to come personally packaged from God, can be wholly transforming, as much so in their ending as while they prosper.

In the wake of breakup, the kind where you seem to have volunteered for Electro-Shock Therapy set to “Near Death” one of two results will likely obtain. Both are predicable, but not equally probable.

You will decide to both embrace and let go of what was, first in your mind and later in your heart. When your heart sighs, finally exhausted, “It’s OK” it means you are taking the right path that has you becoming remade from your own ashes and from your burns will come new, infinitely more sensitive skin.

The alternative has you building walls, insulating yourself, becoming a veneer of who you could have been, had you chosen to embrace the healing of your pain. No one will ever truly know you hence if this is the only path you can take. They will only meet your ‘representative’, not you.

By Jay Reynolds


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2 thoughts on “The Best Relationships – MIND TALK”

  1. That is the true feeling an honest expression of care and love,it calms down your wrecking nerve and your pounding heart beats.

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