The Benefits of Having a Good Imagination in Spiritual and Psychic Development.

Having a good imagination can be of big advantage when learning to develop either healing, or trying to manifest your dreams.

Put this talent to good use while trying to imagine yourself into a scenario you wish to bring about.

When you want to create a dream into reality you have to see yourself as if already having and living this. So the words when and future become redundant, and happiness and Now ! become real.

Example Wanting a dream home with specific features.

Instead of seeing it as a picture in front of you. See yourself unlocking the door and walking in. Take time to see and feel the features you wanted there. Sit down imagine what beautiful scents and items etc there would be.Spend time daily doing this.

BIG TIP . Try and Keep things the same each time you do this. After all when you live somewhere you already know what your home looks like inside. Its okay to spend a little while getting it how it feels right, but we are trying to get the energy into how it is when already there ,. So if it keeps changing it will take longer and longer.

I’ve always thought that it’s like when we recall a memory. When doing so we remember as it was to us, and very little ever changes. That memory is permanently there in the energy it created at the time.

So see this as making a memory so it can be as real as could be.

Another way Imagination can be useful within development is in healing. Being able to see the energy going where it is directed can give the healing a terrific boost. And if you can’t actually see the energy, then imagine it ,. See within your mind how the energy would surround the afflicted part of the body..There are so many ways this can be utilised.

Before in groups I have used the memory of an orange to help those who need it , with visualisation.  Most of us can call to memory an Orange. The color, the smell, the taste. Practice your recall using things like this and soon the moment you think of that fruit your mouth will start to water as if anticipating the flavour.

And this in turn will encourage your mind to work more efficiently when you wish to get clearer visions and impressions.

Much love

Grace <3

©Grace Lyndon Jan 2019

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