The Beauty of Beginnings – Mind Talk

The Beauty of Beginnings - Mind Talk

The seed is sown. A child is born.

Such is the Magic of the Dawn !!

The spectacle of your birth,

The Memories of your first day at school,

The exhilaration of your first job,

The warmth of your first love !!

There’s a charm the beginning beholds,

which amplifies our happiness manifold !!


A seed sown aeons ago becomes a ravishing woodland.

A life commences, celebrated, achievements unlocked, spent in love and lived in glory !!

But its the womb of the mother which sets the greatness in motion !!


In Nature, the splendour of first steps is self evident !!

To conquer great mountains,

in order to reach the phoenix,

Its important to start the journey today !!

No war can be won, without an inch of action !!

Each climb demands perseverance from behind !!

Dreams are the mirrors of the soul.

Achievements are effusion of dedication and deeds.


Life is awaiting your Win,

Wear your Passion,

Watch the World Transform as You Begin !!

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