The Basics for Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

In order to communicate, let’s not have a fight about miscommunications. Then argue who is right, to eventually realize we were on the same page, different language.

Too much talking can make both of us deaf. The round-about conversations, and repetition makes both of us crazy. “It is making me crazy that you say that all the time” is similar but much different from.

“It is making me crazy to say this all the time”.

Trust that my trust you have earned, is strong enough, I hope you will trust in return. This cycle cannot be faked easily because it will fall apart when tested. Trust our trust. Trust our love.

One step forward is progress, if you get knocked back what feels like 10  steps, it is only regression or failure if you do want to take the next step forward. When you change how you treat each other because you now have a label. You are letting others societies views on “do’s and don’ts”

No books or “suppose to’s” can tell you if you should be in a relationship with someone you are hanging with. If it taste like ketchup, looks like ketchup, and came out with your fries, its ketchup, without the Heinz table.

Labels can create expectations for no reason, use them sparingly.

If you love each other and break up, don’t start treating them poorly. Love is not an on/off switch. If it is that easy, your love wasn’t that real.

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