The Art of Making Good Decisions: 7 Tips

The Art of Making Good Decisions

5. Are Your Current Decisions Inhibiting Your Happiness?

Michael Jordan famously said:

“Once I made a decision, I never thought about it again.”

Now, this type of once-off thinking can also backfire.

What decisions have you made in your life that no longer serve you?
Perhaps a rule or ritual you created at a time that gave you the payoff you needed. Now in this remote working world, is this decision sabotaging you?

When I first started corporate training and speaking, I had a rule of not listening to anything on route to the presentation. I had to sit in silence in the car to clear my mind and stay focused. This ritual made much sense because it kept me in my zone. Fast forward to the present having over ten years of experience training and speaking professionally. This ritual had reached its expiry date.

The other day, I had a workshop booked mid-morning and wanted to listen to an audiobook before it started. I caught myself feeling trapped; I had an internal voice reminding me that I am not meant to listen to anything before the workshop to maintain a clear headspace.

At this stage in my career, I do not need the same level of preparation. The ritual of silence I had created initially was a permission device to give me confidence ahead of my first few years in the industry.

Now it makes no sense. This was tied to an irrational fear that if I start putting new knowledge into my mind ahead of the workshop, I would have to make space by giving up my current information.

Like a memory chip with only 2 Gigs of space, I had to delete something to make room for new knowledge. It’s insane, but at the time when I started my career, it made sense.

Letting go of this ridiculous ritual has freed up so much mental bandwidth.

What other rules and rituals have you made that keep you trapped in fear? Are you only allowed to engage in certain activities on the weekend? Are you only allowed to relax after a specific time? Think about what decisions hold you back from something you want to do. Are you part of the problem?

Can you let go of a decision you made because it served you previously but not now?

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6. Time For A Decision Audit.

Over the next week, embark on a decision audit and become conscious of the repeated decisions that contract you and drain your disposable decision making energy.

When you have identified these, figure out how to insert a permanent solution that will free up the mental bandwidth and leave you with a full tank to ensure every decision is made out of intention and not apathy.

Equally, identify the actions you take that are not decisions but rather habits. Are you making a conscious choice, or are you stuck in a pattern you no longer see or don’t know how to escape from?

7. The One Decision To Rule Them All.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start, adopt Greg McKeown’s approach of one decision that makes 1,000 decisions. Begin with the decision to adopt an attitude of unconditional friendliness towards yourself.

Think about the person in your life who is your greatest supporter. What is it about them that you love? I imagine they are non-judgmental, kind, supportive, unconditional and trustworthy. When you decide to treat yourself with unconditional friendliness, you can start making decisions in your own best interest and apply these same values to yourself.

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You no longer need to question whether you should take that break even though you are feeling exhausted. You don’t have to question whether you should go for the energy drink or the water.

You no longer have to endure guilt when you decide to go for a walk you promised yourself. Start with the decision to be kinder to yourself with no strings attached. You don’t have to earn your weekend back by pushing to extremes in the week. This decision will grow your disposable energy allowance to make time for what matters most.

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The Art of Making Good Decisions: 7 Tips
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The Art of Making Good Decisions: 7 Tips
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