The Antidote for Teen Depression

Antidote Teen Depression

11. Room for Expression: 

Allow your children to be who they are – this might mean that they experiment with some unusual looks and behaviors, but that is just part of growing up. In fact, inspire your children to express themselves and be authentic – even if it means green hair and purple pants.

12. Share Your Beliefs, but… 

Yes, share your religious, cultural and moral beliefs but don’t force your beliefs on your children. Give them the space to discover their own.

13. Express Emotions: 

Your home should be a safe space to feel and express emotions. If your kids are ridiculed or undermined by any household member for sharing emotions, they will close up, and retreat.

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14. Participate: 

Regularly participate in things that your child likes to do – yes, even if it is video games. The more connected your child feels to you, the more likely he will speak with you.

15. Show Love: 

Show your love and appreciation for your child every single day – even if she seems to ignore you, it is getting through.

16. Don’t Dump: 

Don’t share your problems with your child. Children feel responsible for their parents and if you dump your issues on them, it could lead to an emotional breaking point. Also, if your kids feel you have too much to handle, they won’t want to burden you with their problems, and they will not speak with you, when they really need to.

17. Household Participation: 

Every member of your home should be participating in the running of the home. Negotiate your child’s household jobs and have them agree. Yes, you may still have to ask your child to clean the dishes three times before they do it, but don’t take it personally, and don’t entangle teenage procrastination with the worth of your child.

18. Go Inside: 

Teach your children to quiet their minds and go inside for the answers that they are seeking – and to trust themselves above and beyond all else.

20. Family Mottos: 

Create family mottos like, “Things always work out”, or “you can do anything you put your mind to!”

And Finally…

If I were to speak to a high school auditorium, I would say, “Each one of you is unconditionally worthy right now. You are not here to please anyone or live up to anyone’s expectations. This means that you don’t have to prove your worth to friends, teachers or parents. Your only job is to be yourself and to discover who you really are. You are powerful creators and you have the inherent ability to create anything that you desire in life.”

As evolving parents, it is time to teach our children to claim their power and worth and to be who they came here to be!

Written by: Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on:

Republished with permission

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The Antidote for Teen Depression
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