The Ageing Narcissist

The Ageing Narcissist

The ageing narcissist clings desperately to nothing, resenting the passage of time yet helpless to prevent it. They may create fake profiles on social media to stalk people, people that they may never meet or talk to. Surfing the Internet may give them the opportunity to get a little attention from someone, from anyone. They’ve lost faith in themselves. They don’t like themselves and nobody else likes them either, so they think, ‘There’s no point in being nice.’

Narcissists have an enormous fear of their own mortality. As death approaches, they know that complete oblivion is on the horizon. Life gives back to them exactly what they deserve, loneliness and isolation. They find themselves being shunned and ignored. The one thing that they never could control is time. As they move forward to eternity they have the knowledge that there is a final judgment, and this time, it’s not them.

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People will say that when they have become ill, the narcissist didn’t want to know. They were not interested and basically didn’t care. They saw it as your problem, so get on with it. So what happens when a narcissist gets sick? They will milk it for as long as they can. They will take all the sympathy and concern that they can muster, and then some.

They will see their illness as a reason to demand your attention 24/7. Cast any plans you may have aside. Your focus must be on them until they are better. After you have nursed them back to health, taken them to the doctor, collected their medications and tended to their every need, don’t expect them to show you how grateful they are for your tender loving care. They aren’t. It was your duty after all. You could have done more.

There are times when an ageing narcissist will fake illness, fake a heart attack, fake cancer, in fact. fake anything, just to focus attention on themselves. They may do so when you are ill, go one better than you with an illness much worse than yours in order that they get the attention that should be focused on you.

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I am often asked if a narcissist will change when they are on their deathbed. Will they want to put things right and apologize to all those they have hurt in their lifetime? Some people want closure and expect a change of heart from the narcissist as they take their last breath. A deathbed apology is extremely unlikely. They are likely to die the same way that they have lived, hurting others. Many will use this time to twist the knife in just one more time.

Don’t beat yourself up if you decide not to pay them one last visit. It is a matter of looking after yourself, a matter of self-protection. There is no point in opening old wounds to satisfy the demands of someone who inflicted those wounds in the first place. If they wanted your company, they should have shown remorse before this late stage, and they should have acted better.

Pity them for being the person they are if you must, but please be careful to never give them the chance to hurt you again.

Written by Anne McCrea
Originally appeared on Narcissist and Emotional
Printed with permission 
The Ageing Narcissist
The Ageing Narcissist Pin

5 thoughts on “The Ageing Narcissist”

  1. I am a 70 year-old narcissist. I have been married 5 times, had 3 abortions. I have 2 children that I ”raised” and one that lives with her father. I have 3 grandchildren 4 great – grandchildren. I am left out of all their lives. I have no friends. I have my cat and I shower him with all the love think I have in my heart. I am a lonely old woman in a dreary apartment. I have been frank with my children that I look back and see how awful their lives must have been. I want desperately to be in someone’s life. I want someone to care about me. I can’t trust myself though. Do I need them or do I just want them so I can feel like I have won the game ?

  2. I’m scared that I’m that evil narcissist person. What is the path for me to ever come out of being an NARSSIST Or I’ll be like this forever….. I am not sure I was like this always but I’m evidently having all the traits you mentioned here….please guide, I never wished for being such cruel on my family..

    1. I believe that I was always a narcissist. I have hurt a lot of people who came into my life. I like to think that I was what I was, and now I am what I am. Hoping that I have changed but afraid I haven’t. I don’t know how old you are but you wanting to change I think is a good road to recovery.

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