The 9 Traits That Make You Susceptible To Narcissistic Abuse

The 9 traits that make you susceptible to Narcissistic Abuse

1. You have already suffered abuse, you fear abuse or you have
a strong aversion to abusers.

2. You find it difficult to speak up, stand up for yourself or create
healthy boundaries.

3. Your integrity level is high and you are dismayed if anyone
questions it.

4. You work hard to sustain a sense of security and
avoid situations that could threaten your security.

5. You feel, deep down, that you can only be loved for your
efforts and accomplishments.

6. You unconsciously feel others will only love you and
care for you when you tend to their needs first.

7. You are very hard on yourself and are never happy with
what you have achieved.

8. You see yourself as an empath and put other people’s needs
before your own.

9. You have a tendency to want to fix other people’s problems
rather than sort out your own.

– Melanie Tonia Evans


  1. I’ll add: these traits are common personality traits, but in the beginning the naive innocence is what gets us trapped with a narcissist.
    Until we wake-up!, and see what kind of jerk, I mean deep-down dark asshol€ jerk that we fell into the fake charm of.
    Then we rise, leave,
    And never put up with that sh!t again.
    Keeping our traits of integrity, empathy & love to not be ever used again.

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