The 7 Types Of Love, Besides Romantic Love

Types of love

6. Pragma — Everlasting Love


Love catalyst: Etheric (Subconscious mind)

Pragma is a unique bond of love that is founded on commitment and dedication and takes years to reach a level of maturity. It is underpinned by duty, long-term goals, shared interests, compatibility and making the relationship work as well as possible. It is an everlasting bond between two people who jointly put in effort into their relationship. These qualities are given more importance than sexual attraction.

Since the subconscious mind drives the feelings associated with Pragma, it happens between partners naturally and unconsciously. Many a time, relationships that begin as Ludus or even Eros, end up being a mixture of Pragma and Storge. Pragma can exist peacefully with Ludus, with the relationship partners complementing each other.

Ways to show Pragma:

  • Nurture and strengthen bonds in long-term relationships
  • Continue putting in effort with your partner
  • Work in sync with your partner

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7. Philautia — Self-love


Love catalyst: Soul

Philautia, which stands for self-love, can be beneficial or detrimental. Unhealthy philautia is the root of hubris, which is excessive pride in one’s abilities and accomplishments and ultimately leads to one’s destruction.

In ancient times, a person was said to possess hubris if he thought himself higher than the gods, and in modern times, this translates to people (say politicians) who think their personal growth is more important than the greater good.

On the other hand, healthy Philautia is self-respect, which is essential for our cognitive growth and healthy development of our self-worth. It is the basis of forming a sound relationship with ourselves, and by extension, the world around us, as we can’t show compassion to others if we don’t love ourselves first.

Interestingly, high self-confidence doesn’t always imply high self-esteem. An example of high self-confidence and low-self esteem may be many celebrities and performers who are easily demoralized and become dependent on drugs and alcohol to feel better about themselves.

True self-esteem comes from within; it won’t allow you to feel defeated easily. Yes, there are many lows, but people with self-esteem are resilient. They are more welcoming to new experiences and growth opportunities, and in turn, are rewarded with instant joys and long-term success.

Ways to show Philautia:

  • Take care of yourself like you would care for your child
  • Spend time with people who are supportive
  • Try to create an atmosphere that is conducive to your well-being and growth.

The Ideal Combo Of Love For You

Like an assortment of vibrant flowers, incorporating the different colors of love in your life can create an extraordinary experience and leave a lasting impression. Note that every relationship is different and the type of love it needs is unique. Our suggestion of the perfect combination of love is to offer a perspective on how to experience the various flavors of love in your relationships in a balanced manner. Take a look at our recommended combination of love given below.

The 7 Types of Love
Types of love pin

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