The Four Phases Of Life According To Carl Jung

The Four Phases Of Life According To Carl Jung

The spiritual phase makes us realize that in the end, nothing matters. Race, sex, class, money, status, power, etc all boils down to fleeting epiphanies of the shallow. None of them carries any intrinsic value or meaning to give life a purpose to strive for, let alone bestowing contentment. They are all fuels to the great fire of discontent and misery. It is at this point in our lives, that we realize the vanity of the material world and why we should look up to the wise words of the ancients to realize the latent purpose of humanity.

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So you see, how these four fundamental stages influence the way we look at life and mankind in general. Although they’re arranged according to a fixed chronology, it would be foolish to assume them as a discrete and chronological sequence of events that act in a linear fashion. They are random, just like life itself. Even a school goer can have a deep spiritual experience at such an early age. It is definitely possible and has already happened in the past. But it is the overlapping and random nature of these life stages that makes living far more interesting isn’t it? What do you think?

The 4 Stages of Life – Carl G. Jung Archetypes
The Four Phases Of Life According To Carl Jung

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  1. What about the phase that shows you are content with what you have accomplished and accepting of where you are in your life.

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