The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

Humans love shortcuts including getting to enlightenment as fast as possible. The truth is everything is unfolding as it should and we can not bypass any pillar. The reason for this is when we first descended into this physical existence we had a fall in consciousness. Each of us before this incarnation (or in any incarnation) first descended from the 4th Pillar the Third Energy, then into Pillars 2&3 our balanced Yin/Yang (for some this is when twin flames plan and blueprint soul activation codes into the two same frequency souls) and finally into our physical bodies. As babies we are pure and innocent, and highly protected, however, babies are also highly empathic. The fall of consciousness continues into the Wetiko by unhealed ancestry lines and environmental systematic conditionings. Eventually, the baby is also siphoned energetically by Wetiko. We were all born with natural empathic sensitivities and psychic abilities. It’s now the time to relearn how to live by tapping into our internal energy systems and our birthright empathic and psychic powers. If your etheric shield is not healed and if you are not working on sealing up your energy vibration it’s a welcome invitation to the Wetiko. These dense energies will siphon your natural abilities and harvest and manipulate your soul’s blueprint to feed the darker forces. This can be disguised as manipulating religion, creating epiphanies, visions, and telepathic experiences including other types of psychic gifts. I’ve even seen this happening during plant medicine ceremonies.

Scary!!! I know! Don’t worry, it’s all a part of your path to mastery. Yes channeled visions and experiences can feel very real (and some are from Source Energy) but most people are unable to discern what is from Divine Truth or what is from the Wetiko. This is because it takes a very clear understanding and discernment between the slight shifts of energy from dark to light to fully know what is happening. This takes practice, deep inner healing and many types of awakenings to get a clear picture of what energies are working in your life.

There are very few guidance structures in place that can help you transcend the manipulative, heavy energies of the Wetiko. This is where most people are getting confused calling this shadow work. It’s not. Shadow work comes with working in your feminine Yin energy whereas Wetiko is a giant energy vampire. Its main purpose is to manipulate and feed off of human life force and consciousness to perpetuate darkness on the planet through energy implants. Some humans are so lost the Wetiko has full control of these beings until something dramatic happens to really shake the soul awake (if the soul hasn’t fully vacated its body) This has been happening for thousands of years.

There is great power in the Wetiko but the fine line between darkness and evil sinister energy is a hard place to discern unless you too have been able to heal this in your life completely and from your family lineage. That is the common ground every human share on the planet is to heal their ancestry line, which will, in turn, activate coding to be released in your DNA. This is the work I coach my clients through, it’s not an easy process and it takes great courage, dedication and time, but big shifts happen in every session. Once we move out of the Wetiko and healing your ancestry line you can move into Pillars 2&3. This is where twin flames come into harmonious union to do their mission work where they conjoin to create the third energy (Pillar 4) while others come into full internal balance and have a direct connection to Creator Force. Instead of power struggling with the Wetiko, you both come to an understanding of your individual powers. The Wetiko begins to respect you and you the Wetiko without full engagement but clear understanding.

The Wetiko, you both come to an understanding of your individual powers. The Wetiko begins to respect you and you the Wetiko without full engagement but clear understanding.

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