The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

The 4 Pillars of the Ethers

Today I was strongly downloading with new teachings of what makes up the ethers and a more detailed understanding of what I have been channeling and working in for many years. Its what my coaching practices are based on. We all know that everything that comes into our 3D reality is first created in the energy of the ethers. Throughout history and ancient teachings, we are fully aware of the 4 elements (fire, air, earth, and water) plus the fifth element of spirit. So far we have been working with these guidelines but the mass consciousness is shifting so quickly it’s time for new complementary teachings to greater understand our 3D world.

In the ethers, we also have 4 elements which spirit wants me to address as the 4 Pillars that make up the fabric of our Universe.

Pillar 1: Wetiko (evil, sinister dark energy).

Pillars 2&3: Yin (feminine energy includes deep shadow work. Works and compliments Yang energy).

Pillars 2&3: Yang (masculine energy is direct and action-oriented. Works and compliments Yin energy).

Pillar 4: Third energy is when yin/yang energies are completely balanced (also known as the Holy Trinity, or the Holy Spirit, etc).

Notice the main picture to the left. Its a real-life picture from NASA of the Pillars of Creation in our Universe. It may look like there are only 3 pillars, however, the base pillar is the foundation where the 3 pillars arise out of. This is Pillar 1: Wetiko. Here’s a better picture: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has revisited the famous Pillars of Creation, revealing a sharper and wider view of the structures in this visible-light image.

Pillars of the Ethers
Pillars of the Ethers

All of us on Earth must be willing to accept and acknowledge that every soul on the planet who is seeking conscious expansion is to walk through the valley of death. It’s not depression or anxiety, it’s the soul emerging and awakening and it’s a very real process. Depending on your path and your soul’s blueprint this darkness can become very dense and create a tremendous amount of pain and suffering; however, it is this very progression through the pillars humans are currently working on at transcending. In order to experience true Creator Force energy which is the Holy Trinity (Pillar 4), we must recognize and accept Pillar 1’s purpose of pure evilness. It doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to it, nor does it mean we accept the wrongdoings of inflicting pain and taking innocence from another. Its purpose is to help you master observation consciousness where you see it, you feel it, you honor it, transmute it and then you are able to choose differently. Without that contrast, we would not be able to fully understand the direction we want to take. Some people do choose to live in the Wetiko (which is a whole other blog post). For others who are truly awakening and working on themselves when you are in a space of observing the Wetiko the realizations from this density can be a very powerful source to catapult you into your greatest enlightenment. For most people doing this type of work is very treacherous and you will require a guide who has mastered navigating the Wetiko, who has a very strong clear channel to be able to sit with you in such density. Fighting this dark energy will only create a very strong power struggle which will reinforce the suffering of your circumstances. It is our own resistance that feeds the Wetiko. The only thing we can do is to sit in the uncomfortable energy to master observation consciousness. This will give us a very clear focus of our highest good choices and what direction to take. Your channel will begin to clear and align with Divine Truth. This is why your free will in Pillar 1 is your main source of power. It’s where you learn more about your natural sensitivities, how to set proper boundaries, and to trust the flow of energies around you no matter what is happening. It’s a rite of passage into becoming a very authentic soul who is aligned to divine truth.

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