The 12 Best Writing Tips & Tricks, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

 May 03, 2018

The 12 Best Writing Tips & Tricks, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We may not know how you feel about zodiac signs and their relation to writing, but we believe that there’s a close relationship between the two. Here, we are going to assume that as a writer, you’re probably looking for your particular style of writing. Shockingly, what you don’t know is that some celestial powers want to help you in your craft.

We’ve discovered that your zodiac sign can quickly make you a formidable writer. However, your strengths and writing style vary depending on the signs that govern each step of your life. A suitable example is you might be a Virgo perfectionist who agonizes over each dash and comma.

Despite your style of writing, what’s evident is that every writer needs some form of inspiration or better yet, advice from the cosmos. How? Well, take a look at the following compelling tips!

1. Taurus Teaches You to Accept Yourself

You may be practical and humble, but actually, you like the most beautiful things in life. You love items such as fine wines, romance, and decorative pillows. Your writing, therefore, lacks romantic notions, but what’s so exciting is that what you find embarrassing might be appealing to another person.

There’s no reason for you to feel over-exposed or inadequate when you talk about your weaknesses. Instead, relax in knowing that these kinds of feelings will never leave you as they are a leading fabric of successful writing.

2. Be Bold With Aries

You don’t need us to tell you to be courageous. We already know that you’re both stubborn and headstrong. Remember that you’re a ram and not a sheep, and writing is the best way of showcasing your reckless impulse. Here, writers who dive in head-strong are the best!

Toni Morrison feels that to become a renowned writer, you should write what you don’t know. He says that “no one loves to read what you know, so talk about something that’s new to you. He goes on to say that you should never be scared when tackling even the most robust challenges.

3. Gemini Wants You to Show, Instead Of Telling!

You might be thinking, “This is just an old rule of writing.” However, it’s important to highlight that it’s a crucial writing rule to keep in mind. With Gemini, you have perfect communicative signs plus you enjoy a good conversation. And you know what? Well, this is good!

Good writers are also the best storytellers. All you need to do is show clear facts even as you explain the story. According to Anton Chekhov, a writing expert, “Don’t say that the moon is shining, but show the reflection of its light on a piece of broken glass.

4. Cancer Requires You to Be Honest

It’s okay, cancer, we know that you’re entire life is full of bottled up emotions. However, we are here to tell you that through writing, you can express such feelings. Your audience is interested in reading about your disgusting, and soft crab interior. So, even if you have a lot of emotions to ‘let out’ more than anyone else, it’s better to be true to your feelings.

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