Thank you to those in my past

Nice thought. Words by Meredith Kerr

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  1. Agree! we should not regret anything that had happened in our past be it good or bad…Lessons learned in our past helps us to be a better person today and tomorrow…We also learn to appreciate life better…
    Everything happens for a reason, let us embrace it with open arms…God knows what’s best for us…whatever had happened in the past, that was bound to happen inspite of all the efforts to save it. God has His time for us to learn a lesson.

  2. Whole universe is our we r a family. So we r family members.we must take care of one another.we should respect each others feelings .then only we can make the dream of jesus to be true.He wanted us to love eachother.He taught us to be united n peaceful in this world.otherwise his sacrifice will be of no fighting n fighting with every body.will jesus feel good