Textrovert – more comfortable talking over text

Textrovert - more comfortable talking over text

TEXTROVERT (n) a person who feels more comfortable talking over text than to your face.

19 thoughts on “Textrovert – more comfortable talking over text”

  1. Avatar of If Walls Had Ears and Pets Could Talk.

    Text is an action and actions speak louder than words. My thoughts are a lot clearer when I type. Until I type it I don’t know what I think. I do believe it is better to write what you want to say before saying it even if you don’t read it at the time you say it. Spontaneous impulsive speech can get me into trouble. The only problem with texting is that there is a record of what you said that is difficult to deny.

    1. Avatar of The Minds Journal

      But there’s so much more on the negative part too. Emotions can be faked in texting. We should really not much rely on texts or texting. Actions do speak louder than words (typed or said)

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