The most tender thread, holds the strongest bonds

The most tender thread, holds the strongest bonds
Sulekha Pande

The most tender thread,
holds the strongest bonds.

M Jeyaram

Hung by the Strings of Love;
yet the two souls
are mere puppets.

Aditi Prabhu

even a small reason
is enough
to keep people connected.

M Jeyaram

Our love never gets threadbare.

Nayana Kulkarni

The invisible bond of unspoken love,
seen as mere thread of bondage
forever trying to grasp
the gray areas in life.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Joined together,
By a tiny thread.
Hung on a nail,
Flimsy alright.
The act of balancing,
That’s what we do,
How long, you may ask,
Till the nail holds through.

Ravina Jain

We are all instruments
endowed with memory and feelings,
Our senses struck by fine
and delicate ‘strings’ ,
Of love, emotions, trust, and care,

But the truth is~
Caregiving has no second agendas
or hidden motives,
Care is given from pure love
for the joy of giving,
without expectation,
~ No strings attached.

Tanu Malhotra

This bond of trust is gentle.
Handle with care!
It’s a tiny string we hold,
hanging onto a nail
of trust and hope.
Don’t pull to hard
or it shall break.
Don’t let it lose,
or apart shall we end,
with a heart full of ache!

Alice Frazier

The dimensions gone,
Grey remains,
We held on,
Fading reigns,
nothing left,
we struggle through,
holding on,
Me and you

Sayeeda Pearl

Hanging on to
each other,
through the
the thread of

Debra Pry

You keep me hanging on.

Fidel Chinenyenwa

We are stuck forever


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