Ten years from now

Ten Dears from now, make sure you can say you choose ‘your life rather than settled for it.

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  1. might or might not. could or could not, but never should or should not. why? why tha fuck not? – shin kwon
    you do not have tha right to be heard. you have tha right to speak. fuck what you heard – shin kwon
    grow roots to ground yourself and grow wings to fly. it’s all about growth – shin kwon
    i give you my time. time is tha most precious thing i have next to you – shin kwon
    zero expectations = 100% pure love – shin kwon
    none can avoid criticism. not even tha gods – shin kwon
    it’s not hard to be soft – shin kwon
    you can’t change tha past, but you can change your perception of it which in turn will change your current outloook on tha future – shin kwon
    should = obligation. you are not obliged to do anything. – shin kwon
    if you want to know truth, feel. emotions may run high, but they never lie – shin kwon
    you have it already. feel it in your heart – shin kwon
    if you cannot explain it without referencing an outside source, you believe in heresay and you know not what you speak of – shin kwon
    love is tha cause and effect – shin kwon
    none can do good without love. not even gods. – shin kwon
    there are no bodies, only embodiments – shin kwon
    tha past was necessary for tha future you – shin kwon
    fear is tha offspring of ignorance. doubt is tha prelude – shin kwon
    me myself and tha mind’s eye – shin kwon
    what you own also owns you – shin kwon
    love is free energy. unlimited resource. – shin kwon
    LOVE > GOD – shin kwon
    individuality is a governments worst nightmare – shin kwon
    being alone with my thoughts has become a dangerous thing – shin kwon
    love is a daily ritual – shin kwon
    life is about growth. you either grow stronger or grow weary – shin kwon
    war is for worriers, not warriors – shin kwon
    life happens regardless… live accordingly – shin kwon
    being in love equals instatant gratification – shin kwon
    gratitudes lead to gratifications – shin kwon
    there are no days, just incredibly long moments – shin kwon
    cosmic shit comic strip
    you’ve already made all your decisions before you got here. you’re only here to experience how you feel about them – shin kwon
    my plan is to love you. that is all – shin kwon
    she owns her feelings and so she chooses to feel deeply. she chooses to hurt, but she is unharmed. tha fire cannot burn tha flame. none can hurt her any longer, she is invincible and has become an irresistible force of nature – shin kwon
    a sister to a brother a daughter to a mother, a mother to a son, and my lover like no other and i’ll never put another above her and there’s so much more to uncover and discover – shin kwon
    true love is too enormous to measure let alone fathom – shin kwon
    are you not light and dark? was not your brilliant flame once dim and flickering? let your inner fire roar mightier than tha flames of hell – shin kwon
    your heart, your mind, and your imagination together create a multiverse – shin kwon
    if you were completely comfortable being yourself you would never be shy around anyone – shin kwon
    time is made when taken – shin kwon
    tha shape of tha earth is not nearly as important as tha shape of your heart – shin kwon
    i am not satisfied with nor am i in disagreement with tha philosophical greats of past tense, even of my own philosophies that i hold currently. i am just always taking it to tha next level – shin kwon
    i’m tha 13th constellation. i read people not zodiacs because i see every person as a star – shin kwon
    you can do anything to water but replace it. keep this in mind both literally and figurately, but most importantly philosophically. – shin kwon
    if you want to solve differences between people, focus on tha connection between people and not what divides us – shin kwon
    fear naturally create defenses, but mental slavery will leave you defenseless – shin kwon
    choosing sides is tha root cause of warfare. think outside of tha mental concentration camp – shin kwon
    without sarcasm, there’d be more intellectuals on death row – shin kwon
    chaos leads to sanity – shin kwon
    it is what it is, but it’s also what you believe it to be – shin kwon
    you’re my motivation to get up in tha morning and tha inspiration behind everything i do – shin kwon
    forget everything. fall in love with everything. sense with your body, learn with your mind, feel with your soul, acquire knowledge through objective research and separate fact from fiction eliminating all preconceived notions, contemplate significance of information, process and comprehend data, realize it and feel it on deepest levels, acquire wisdom, apply wisdom, acquire more knowledge, wisdom through experience all tha while never falling out of love therefore in a state of perpetual happiness, ultimate satisfaction – shin kwon
    you ask why? tha simple answer would be that i fell in love. to use one word to describe tha experience, i would simply say “indescribable” – shin kwon
    instead of focusing on tha negative consequences of unfavorable outcomes, which most often tend to do, not so much by being taught to behave this way as through instruction, instead just an unconscious mimicery of what is being practiced as opposed to what is being preached within tha confines of their immediate environment which has adopted beliefs systems that subjugate and compromise their very existence which can be a breeding ground for feelings of regret and uncertainty about tha future. however, a simple approach to eliminating displeasurable thoughts that trigger dissonant emotions distrupting a person’s natural harmonic flow is by altogether altering your perception, finding tha root cause of all your anxieties and making a rational conscious decision to unchoose or reverse tha decisions that led you to perceive your life as a product of life justifying your right to criticize what was in all truth your own handywork, to lead you out of your own self induced debacle. one must simply move on, because life goes on, and it will leave your ass behind. – shin kwon
    you don’t keep secrets. secrets keep you – shin kwon
    sleep is nothing more than a dream within a dream, merrily merrily merrily rowing a boat gently down a stream – shin kwon