Tell me something that made you happy today

Tell me something that made you happy today

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88 thoughts on “Tell me something that made you happy today”

  1. I was trying for a new look. I am a gray diva. Well, after several weeks, decided on red. Well, needless to say, the gray turned out brassy. I mean like neon red even more than Lucille Ball. Well, I am laughing. It is as if the wisdom of my gray strands were telling me all the time, “don’t do it.” Feels like when I was young and then it was common sense, sometimes in youth, did not listen either. Well, happy, it is only hair, it will grow out, I can chop it all off and start anew again. But for , happy I can still laugh at at myself and at my age (recently turning 57) it is truly and really NO big deal! (y)

  2. Some one called me today n cried for mistakes made in relationship wid me .. though that didnt change anything bt I felt content that I m nt alone feeling bad for wat happened … Sometimes such gesture is enough to heal ur bruised soul . We shd apologize to ppl we hav done wrong or hurted.. it may mean world to them … N it may liberate u from ur guilt for wrong choices made ..

  3. Working the community garden with 9 people I never met before. It rained, snowed and was sunny. Lovely peeps of different abilities and work ethic. No matter! We shared spontaneously about many things! Great. Day. ThankYou Mother Earth for providing this opportunity!!!?????????

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