Tell me God – My Mind Talk

Tell me God - My Mind Talk


Eyes open wide and no sleep inside, I think of only one

Trapped inside the room alone, I have nowhere to run.

I hide inside my bed all day and think of all those days

I try to come back to my life, but in my mind it stays.


Oh Why! Oh Why! I have to cry when all I did was love

Tell me God, Oh mighty Lord you saw it from up above.

Was I wrong to send her flowers and tell her she was sweet?

Is that the way you bless Oh Lord and is that the way you treat?


I had to kill the child inside to let the man survive

If that’s the price you pay for love, I’m happy the kid just died.

But tell me Lord, if that’s the way it was suppose to go

Tell me if all this was fair, then I’ll be glad to know.


Calm down my son and take a breath, it’s just a part of life

You did no wrong, be a little strong that’s My only advice.

Don’t cry My friend, this isn’t the end, it’s just a little phase

Promise me you’ll learn from this and slowly I shall erase.


That is what life is and it’s just a way of telling you my friend

That you have to cry and weep and fight to make it to the end.

For once you fail and once you fall, you’ll realize the pain

And then you know what went wrong, before you try again.


So close your eyes to get some sleep and leave the thought behind

The night shall pass with ease my love it’s just the silly mind.

-Siddharth Khetan

You can follow him here for more of his works.  – Pen for a thought

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