Tips For Teen Introverts: 6 Ways To Embrace Your Introversion

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4. Stretch kindly.

It helps to use your strengths to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Every time you do so you build confidence and learn new things. Be kind to yourself through the journey. It’s not about stretching to a point of discomfort (or misery) but to a point of expanding your comfort zone.

5. Reenergize throughout your day.

We operate best with energy. If you know that certain classes or social time will be exhausting, include time to refuel during your day. Don’t wait until the end of the day or when all your energy is drained. Try journaling, walking, listening to music, art, or reading. Even a small respite will reenergize you for the next several hours.

6. Journal periodically.

Some like to journal daily and others weekly. Regardless, it’s a great way to get your thoughts and worries on paper. Use the pages to sort out problems or plan your approach for the next party or class presentation. Celebrate even your small successes and rid yourself of the negative self-talk that whispers in your ear.

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The 5 Phases Of Introversion

Introversion is not a state of being, but a journey. What phase are you in? How can you accelerate your journey?

1. Unaware

Many people live for decades before even being aware that the term introversion may apply to them.

2. Uninformed

Even more frustrating, many introverts sink into the negative stigma of introversion which now applies to them. They become self-conscious and often depressed.

3. Enlightened

Finally, introverts begin to learn the true definition of introversion and the strengths they have been endowed with. This begins the path to authenticity and self-confidence.

4. Content

After learning about their own strengths, introverts become comfortable in their own skin and are happy to dismiss the occasional naysayer.

5. Flourish

Some introverts stretch even beyond Content and apply their strengths and ambitions to achieve goals they only dreamed about before.

In our recent survey of over 100 introverts, only 45% said they realized they were an introvert in their teens; ie, they became aware but still uninformed. For most, such an epiphany occurred in their twenties or thirties and for some even beyond 50.

Though life may seem overwhelming as a teenager, recognizing your own introversion at this early age and taking the steps to accelerate your journey through learning, self-compassion, and practice, will empower you toward contentment and flourishing well ahead of most others.

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You are not any weirder than anyone else. Embrace who you are. You have many strengths that will enable you to be whatever you want to be, a politician like Barack Obama or Abraham Lincoln, an actor like Emma Watson or Meryl Streep, an athlete like Michael Jordan, a business leader like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or Warren Buffett, an activist (Eleanor Roosevelt or Rosa Parks) or writer (J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss) too. Don’t hold yourself back and surely don’t let others keep you down.

Begin your journey and you will proudly exclaim, “I am an introvert!”

Written By Steve Friedman 
Originally Appeared On Beyond Introversion 
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Tips For Teen Introverts: 6 Ways To Embrace Your Introversion
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