5 Proven Therapy Techniques That Can Help Improve Relationships

Therapy Techniques Improve Relationships

5. Express your feelings

In order to really change the negative cycles that exist in a relationship, both partners need to learn to express their wants and needs in a way that their partner can digest, and in a way that won’t elicit any extreme emotions from their partner.

This may look different for various couples depending on their interaction styles, but this can be a lesson in learning to effectively communicate. Be honest with each other. Express how you feel as much as possible. Don’t make assumptions. Work especially hard to really listen to what your partner is trying to say.

Emotions are a critical part of our identity and personality, and they can and should be used as information to make informed decisions.

The above techniques all come from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an evidence-based treatment used to improve the quality of adult relationships. EFT focuses on exploring, understanding, and validating emotions within a relationship context.

The skills and techniques used in EFT can help the relationship function in the healthiest and most rewarding way possible for both partners.

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Dr. Lukin

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Written By Konstantin Lukin
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Having a strong, and happy relationship is desired by many, but you need to put in a lot of effort in order to have that. Everytime when you and your partner feel that you are hitting roadblocks when it comes to your relationship or having communication problems, remember these techniques which can greatly help improve your relationships. As long as you love and understand each other, nothing will be able to break you.

Therapy Techniques Improve Relationships Pin
5 Proven Therapy Techniques That Can Help Improve Relationships
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