Teachings of Life

Teachings of Life

The gifts of life, I rejoice as I learn to exert with enormous blessings of life.

In isolation, I lose, I exert myself in enormous work, and I forget to admire life.

Merging and exerting in the days struggle, I overlook the amazing miracles of life.

In the protective shell, with safety and grace, I enclose in my own closed zone of life.

Till the dark clouds of bereavement encircle, and the loud thunder breaks open to slay life.

The black, ferocious and raged storm wafts, engulfs the vigor, dismantles my dreams of


My precious pillars of love and abode, existence snatches away one by one in a strange life.

In the cosmic ocean of life, I stand alone, blank with gloomy eyes, staring at the empty


Washing my tears of heart in the ocean of life, I question, I search the entwined eccentric


I stop, I gape, I observe, I feel life at its core, in search of answers in the moments of life.

I find my abode in the water, on the earth, in the sky, in the air, and in the surroundings


All touching me, caring me, surrounding me, teaching me and strengthening me in life.

I learn to live with spreading my wings, my attire builds up and my soul lights up with love

in life.

Like a lamp, I want to lit and spread the light of wisdom in all my surroundings of life!

-By Alka Singh

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