Tea Talk

Tell me something, guys”, she said to her friends. “Do you like me?”.

“You know we don’t, We love you.”

“Will you do me two favors?”

“You can have up to five wishes.”

She smiled and shook her head,

“No, two will do. One is for all of you to realize how grateful I am that you came here to see me and celebrate my life with me. I hope you’ll realize how happy you’ve made me”.

“How about the others who are not here with us now? Are they included”?  She and her friends laughed.

“Of course. Remember that all of you have a special place in my heart, including those who left us and wandered around, they will come back I know”., she looked out the window and smiled.

“What about our friends whom we never had a chance to meet with? like Si…Simon”.


She and her friends became serious and deafening silence fills the room.

“Sometimes, friendship is more than meets the eye, it can be felt instead. So yes. He is a friend, he has my heart”, she smiled and sipped the cup of tea in front of her.


“That’s not yours!”

“Oh sorry! I thought this is mine!”

“I hate you!”

“I love you too”, She teased, as they all burst into a laugh.


“What’s the other favor?”


“I want all of you to remember me, Will you remember that I existed? That I am sitting and sharing laughter here with you?”.


“As always., the sound of your voice, smell of your hair, the way you made us feel loved and appreciated and the wonderful friendship we’ve created.”


“And the way you sipped the tea which is not yours!”.













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