Tarot Manifestation Reading For August 2018


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A time for reckoning for many. After fighting all the difficult times and people you are now being rewarded this month. Remember to communicate clearly and honestly whatever you are, your goals and your dreams. Communication will be important for you this month.

If you’ve a gift of gab, it will help you attract and create the right time, and the right opportunity for you. Your openness will bring you success and manifestations for which you’ve been waiting long.


Mantra: “I AM manifesting all that I have dreamed of, now & always”.

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Things are getting better for you this month. You are in complete control of your destiny this month. Remember whatever you’ll be focused on, it will manifest. Open yourself up for new ideas and thus you may attract new opportunities.

Be sure of what you want and make the intention stronger by believing in it. Your decisions should be based on your long-term success and whatever you do this month analyze your intentions and make them positive for you without focusing on anything else.


Mantra: I am attracting success, now.

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If you are going against your intuition or gut feeling you are opening yourself up for future misery. This month it’s all about bringing balance to your intuition and practicality. Always remember that the logic or practical side is the karmic brain side and it will always make you believe in the wrong.

Seek guidance from your God-brain, your intuition which has known what you are truly capable of. You want to do many things and work fast but with you believing on the seeming difficulties that might crop in you are inviting them this month.

Stay tuned to your being in words, action and deed this month.


Mantra: I believe in higher guidance and knowledge, always.

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This month you will be encountering people & situations who look up to you and want to be like you but are either afraid of it or jealous and so they may give you some hard times. Don’t take them personally and forgive to move on, remembering they are actually taking up your bad karma so you’re free to attract success and prosperity.

Be sure you are attracting the right people, the right situations and all the right knowledge to help you succeed. Just keep forgiving and moving on, focusing on your goals and dreams and ways to manifest them rather than thinking & overthinking about others.


Mantra: I am receiving abundance, prosperity and happiness which is granted to me by the universe, now & always.

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