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Tarot Manifestation Reading For August 2018

Seek guidance from your God-brain, your intuition which has known what you are truly capable of. You want to do many things and work fast but with you believing on the seeming difficulties that might crop in you are inviting them this month.

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Stay tuned to your being in words, action and deed this month.


Mantra: I believe in higher guidance and knowledge, always.

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This month you will be encountering people & situations who look up to you and want to be like you but are either afraid of it or jealous and so they may give you some hard times. Don’t take them personally and forgive to move on, remembering they are actually taking up your bad karma so you’re free to attract success and prosperity.

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Be sure you are attracting the right people, the right situations and all the right knowledge to help you succeed. Just keep forgiving and moving on, focusing on your goals and dreams and ways to manifest them rather than thinking & overthinking about others.


Mantra: I am receiving abundance, prosperity and happiness which is granted to me by the universe, now & always.

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A lot will happen this month and be sure that things may be better that way but still somewhere in this hurly-burly you may feel confused and constricted.

Things and situation swill move as you want and there will be a lot that you’ll be able to manifest this month with your efforts and hard work, yes they are required. For others who think and have ideas but no action there may be opportunities which you need to secure. Overall universe is helping you as much as it can, and when there’s a little sadness inside accept it for what it is and the heal it away.


Mantra: I am healing myself as I attract & manifest my dreams in my life, now.

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Written by Paulamie Das

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Tarot Manifestation Reading For August 2018



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