Tarot Manifestation Reading For August 2018


Go for a short vacation if you feel like it, may be at a natural spot, nothing better to rejuvenate yourself.  Many of you might feel exhausted and overburdened which will add to the feeling of antipathy within you.


Mantra: I AM centered in my being and I feel rejuvenated & calm.


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Be patient and be alert with everything seems to be your mantra for this month. Things may not go as you have planned them to, but it doesn’t mean that you should feel depressed and stressed and overtly panicky at times.

There is also a fair chance that the people whom you have relied on with your trust will not be there when you need them this month. You may feel betrayed and miserable but that doesn’t mean you have to delay or stop everything you wished to do.

Heal yourself as much as possible and don’t take others action personally or if its too personal for you, work with forgiveness.


Mantra: I have power over my emotions and thoughts and I heal myself easily.

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You want to move fast with your life or the goals you have as you’re having amazing insights and ideas. But alas, there won’t be much support for you from the others this month. You may be feeling forlorn and unhappy and your expectations aren’t met.

Your partner might be having a different expectation from yours and that may create a lot of rift and arguments. Both of you are guided by ego and won’t want to compromise, which will create further issue.

Angels suggest not to overthink and overreact at any time. Times are changing and this month’s difficulty will fade as they have appeared, so whatever you need to do, do them with the understanding that you aren’t seeking goals right now but trying to find the best way to them.


Mantra: I am patient and grounded in everything I do, now!!!!

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You have been contemplating a lot of ideas and want to start a new venture or a project with a client/new client, the this is the right time to do it. Go ahead and start whatever you’ve put a hold on. The universe is asking you to act.

Many of you who have had opportunities in the past but have backed out due to fear, misgivings and doubts they should walk the path now. There will be a lot of motivation & inspiration this week and you will feel the need to work and expand.

This is the right time to take the right steps towards your dreams as things will start falling into the right place. They will work out for you as you keep moving forward.

Mantra: I have the courage to make the right choices for success.

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