Tarot Manifestation Reading For August 2018

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Angels say that this month will be that of reckoning for you as you will be needed to balance things out in a severe situation you have been in. It might be that of a relationship or something that’s to do with your professional life.
There’s chances of new opportunities in the form of a new job offer with higher pay or a new client, it may be a new project too, something that will help you display your talent and earn more than expected.
You also need to keep your mind on positive thoughts rather than anything negative as it’ll attract difficulty.

Mantra: I am a well-balanced being in my mind, emotion and body.

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There has been a long wait for your dreams and this month, the universe is asking for your patience more than anything. Don’t be forlorn looking at the future and thinking that things are not turning out to be as you want them.

Remember that whatever needs to be done has to translate into action. Don’t sit idle or in misery don’t turn away from your accountabilities. Your dreams are manifesting, and in this knowing, you surrender the rest to the divine. Do your work this month without attachment to your goals and things will manifest faster for you.

Mantra: I surrender to the divine will, now.


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