Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018




This is the monthly Tarot Forecast for March 2018. This is the 3rd month of the amazing year of 11 gateway and we’ve started feeling the crunch. Nobody said its easy to win a battle, and trying to manifest and let Law of Attraction work for us have far more hidden areas to work on, one being our Karma.


So lately in mid-February and towards the end all of us felt that karmic retributions, and Saturn was in full form. This month starting again with a Full Moon on 1st/2nd March at 11◦  Virgo is asking us to align our self with our divine consciousness. Maybe you don’t believe, maybe you’ve been working with the spiritual energy, whatever be the case, you’ll be pushed to know it better.


If you’re already conscious or trying to awaken from this “Maya” sleep, then you’re good, as nothing will seem difficult and you’ll start manifesting your dreams. But if you’re not conscious and not even trying, my friend; the universe will push to acknowledge yourself. So, remain conscious and aware of who you truly are!!!


Before we move on, I wanted to spread this message. While reading for Libra I received a message from Angels that is as much for them as for all of us, so putting it here, “Whenever humans try to suppress the soul calling everything turns to chaos and when they pay attention and work for it, life becomes easy and abundant with happiness & fulfillment”.

A new start for everybody, all the best my friends!!!!

The deck I’m working with this month is the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue.


Aries – ACE of EARTH

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

The energies are somehow grounding for you. March will be a month that’ll give you enough scope to perform and reap rewards, success and results. You might feel confident which have been missing lately. You’ll try to roll freely, adapt and move ahead of the hurdles in your own unique way.

Angel are suggesting that there is definitely an inflow of abundance. Its your career, where you’re getting opportunities or its about your relationship where you’re getting lucky. May be its your business that you’re expanding and have been a dream for long. Whatever it is you’re great this month and realizing that greatness will bring you salvation.

Angels also suggest that you’ve to be in tune with your intuition which you’ve loads. And there as suggested earlier are some challenges, some difficulties and your intuition, inner knowledge can come to your rescue. Being stubborn with what you think is not going to work.

It’s important for you to be calm enough to understand and act accordingly. Flexibility in your thoughts and feelings will help you get the challenges healed, otherwise the difficulties might linger more than required.

Think out of the box, think independently, think about solution and less about the situation. Know that you’ve every tool with you to work towards your dreams and this month is going to prove good to you.

Mantra for Aries: I am flexible, adaptable and attract the right changes required for my success, now.


Taurus – FOUR of AIR

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

Lots’ will be happening for you this month. It might be confusing at times and at other times you’ll find you’re so clear about things, situations and people.

You might be propelled to many things including widening your horizons and developing the skills you really wanted to since long. Many of you’ll take up studies again or a training or some kind of course which might be a self-help or spiritual one. You’re a very materialistic being so there might be some inner knowing that is confirming you to move ahead and make changes in you and your life this month. If you’re following your intuition my friend, you’ll be reaping amazing rewards.

Having said that as suggested earlier there might be some kind of emotional setbacks and that should not deter you. Karma has to heal so that you step into your power. So, you need to decide that hurdles in March will strength you or weaken you. It’s your choice entirely and as such our free will can become a boon if chosen right, so chose right!!!!

Your visions and mission will go a shift that’ll help you awaken to your own divinity and this might help you materialize your ideas and dreams. But for that you need to take action. In many areas you feel like but then you go on procrastinating things because some of the doubts you have. Since there are chances that your awakenings even in the confusion of things you will have a crystal-clear knowledge of what will work for you. When you have that start moving forward without waiting.

Mantra for Taurus: I am calm and at peace with the changes within me and I attract abundance through them.


 Gemini – SEVEN of EARTH

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

There are challenges and blocks and along with that abundance, happiness and prosperity. The Universe is showing you the way to your happiness & fulfillment. Angels suggest that this whole month, take a vow to be calm and at peace with every situation, every circumstance that comes up and every person. This will help you tide out of difficulties and challenges easily and rapidly which you require.

The Angels also suggest that there will be many things going on this month for you so you have to be very clear and for that you have to take time to decide. Don’t rush or be rushed because something seems important. Take your sweet time to decide.

Meditate as much as you can this month as it’ll help you keep yourself calm and clear in your life. There is a lot of confusion and restlessness within you or there might be. And you’re not very clear why, so to know exactly what you want from your life. There might be times when you’re moving ahead with projects and things you’re working on and suddenly you find that nothings working so you back out or take a different route.

What Angels are suggesting here is to stand for what you’ve been into and what you’re doing, without changing much. Lots of changes will create confusion and all the build up energies of abundance will be scattered.

Balance will be important this month for you if you focus on yourself and meditate to maintain inner calm, peace and contain your negative thoughts, judgments and feelings.


Mantra for Gemini: I am calm and at peace with my life. I chose to remain conscious everyday to build strength and prosperity in all my dealings.


 Cancer – THE WHEEL

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

A time of change and creating happiness. Things are getting clearer to you, the situations and circumstances of your life. So, you have this inner knowing that things will change. But since you seem to fall back in your mind-chatter you might think that’s for bad.

But karma needs to be complete and there is energy of karma completion this month for you. Stay strong as destruction is really necessary if there has to be a beautiful construction. Angels say that you’re the authority of your life, and nobody else has the power over you so you need to work through this time and remain in complete control of yourself.

There might be sudden realization, some difficulty cropping in your life which you want to change and don’t know how. So, you’ll be propelled by the universe to change and heal your innate fear which is creating this difficulty. Heal your fear or try to work through it. Different people have different way of dealing with it. The suggestion is “to deal” but not to act as its not there!!! Don’t turn a blind eye to your ego-self because it’s as much there in you as others. And only working consciously will clear your path to success.

Call on the strength of Archangel Michael and work through him to give you that inner strength & courage to stand up to your challenges within and outside. Change your inner world my friend and March is giving you amazing scope for just that. This change and shift you initiate now will bring happiness and abundance in your life throughout. Your inner strength will attract immense opportunities and success.

Mantra for Cancer: I completely believe in my strength and will, and heal myself to embrace success, happiness & abundance, now.



Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

You’ve all that skills to be successful, abundant, prosperous but you’ve to rely upon your inner knowing, your intuition. You think too much, you judge, criticize and you let the mind drive you which is why you fall into the attraction of ego-self where it feels good to be miserable or remain a victim.

March is giving you an opportunity to understand this situation. You’ll have this inner knowing that you need to be silent and listen to what is required by your soul to succeed and be abundant. Meditation become important here, regular and frequent.

Question yourself whenever you do something, “Why are you doing this?” “Is it aligned to your happiness?” If it is then go ahead, but don’t do things to please others or get into somebody’s good books. Your intentions this month should be honest and only for yourself. You’re your own master so the energies work that way.

You action this month will decide your life for the next six months. So be aware and work with your intention. Your true intentions will shine out of you. Whether it’s’ good or not is totally your calling. Do you want to have good karma come back to you or not? So simply deciding doesn’t help here you have to chose it day after day. That can be a little difficult but with constant awareness and meditation you will win!!!!

Believe on the Universe, surrender and things will turn around, which is again non-attachment to the outcomes. It is going to be a beautiful time for you if you’ll allow it to. All the best.


Mantra for Leo: I surrender to my divine-self working honestly for success and abundance which I’m attracting with the power within.


 Virgo – PAGE of WATER

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

Seek to remain aware and conscious of your life and the situations you’re in. If you feel somewhere that things are amiss then they are!!! Your intuition wants you to work with your life and upgrade it, either through a new course or with more awareness rituals, meditation or classes. Your intuition is fired up this month and wants you to acquire the strength of being flexible & understanding of the life you’re leading now and the circumstances you’re in now.

It also asks you to be more self-loving, rather than criticizing yourself and aiming higher you must remember the divine light you are. You’re unique but like every soul on earth you’re here to get development and that won’t happen if you’re too perfect. So, you’re perfect in the way the universe wants you to be and you need to understand and live it!!!! Keep writing in your self-love journal, it is important for you.

There’s a lot of potential for your growth, abundance and prosperity. From this month onwards, all positive shits that you take up deliberately, consciously will ripen into fruits of abundance and prosperity sooner than you realize.

There will be lots of opportunities but if you feel that you might not be good enough for them and approach them with fear in your mind things might turn around to becoming bad. Your energy might also put a damper to other opportunities which were on your way. So be open and clear of your thoughts about yourself, change them fast and grab all opportunities that you get. It’s like a new start to your life this year. Go ahead and take the lead my friends.

Mantra for Virgo: I love myself as I am and my self-love is so pure that it attracts the love of the universe, now.



Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

The innate desire deep within, is going to grow and will push you to take it up and take action for it. Angels ask you to move ahead with all trust and believe in the universe and yourself that your Soul calling is right whatever might be in the path.

Angels say that seek out people with same mental and emotional connect and work with them to understand what can be done with your desire. There’s a very interesting observation the Angels are sending me here and that is, “Whenever humans try to suppress the soul calling everything turns to chaos and when they pay attention and work for it, life becomes easy and abundant with happiness & fulfillment”. And this message from your Zodiac is for everybody who reads this.

If there had been difficulties and challenges they’ll be healing this month. You’ll see hope and happiness in every walk of your life. Visualization will be very important for you and not just this month. Your dreams will change to your reality when you will see yourself and visualize with inspiration about anything you desire for. Achieve them through visualization!!!! The visuals will work wonders for you. You’ve this fear of losing and something might go wrong and this is the energy which is creating challenges in your life lately. So, this conscious dreaming through visualization and inspiring it to heal your fear will help you in achieving success. March has all the right energies for you if you want to use them.


Mantra for Libra: I AM creating my reality and I AM changing energies in my favor for my highest good harming none, now.


 Scorpio – THE SUN

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

There is a new light in your life, lots of opportunities and energizers of importance in your life for this month. You’ve to remain calm and know that things are going right and not ever thing about anything negative. The sun is working through you and so whatever you feel is manifesting your reality this month.

Don’t get swayed by what others feel or say to you, but remember your desires and your vision and keep working with it, not to mention by not hurting anybody but by being true to yourself and by remaining calm and composed.

There might be a knowing during the first half of the month that there is some kind of drainage in your life, something’s not right. That is what you feel and you feel it so earnestly that it is manifesting. So, there might be difficulty, there might be some bad experiences regarding people and money. It’s important for you to leave your fear behind you and understand that the universe within you is working through your feelings. So, correct them, think positive, remain awaken, remain silent.

If you’ve been in karmic relationship this is the right time to move out and not fear let you be in the same miserable state. Angels also suggest to always look at the beauty even in difficulties and challenges there’s a kind of beauty. So, remember always the goodness and it’ll come to you more.

The month is good for you while showing tangible changes in your life and its important that to attract them more you need to start the change too.


Mantra for Scorpio: I attract the right opportunities and luck easily & rapidly. I surrender all my desires to the universe now.


 Sagittarius – SEVEN of WATER

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

Angels say that its time to go out and be more open to meeting new people, making new acquaintances and creating a group of like-minded people or  for joining a group. It’ll be important for you to get support this month and so the Angels suggest to seek your soul group.

You want success, you desire abundance and prosperity but you not wanting to change won’t help you in anything. Use your third eye, the will that you’ve to be sure of what your ego-self is and not shying and thinking that everything is good within you. That’s never the case and being blind to our ego-self gives it more power on your life.

So, accept the inner thoughts that are not in alignment with your or others happiness. And then start healing them this month as it’ll give you immense opportunities which you can harbor only when you accept and heal what is to be healed.

You are intelligent enough and have everything within that you need for further success and angels say that you’ll have amazing opportunities with people of your soul group supporting you, guiding you through superfluous and useless challenges and that is how you’ll see a new dawn, a new day. Contemplate and change your reality by acting as an alchemist to your life.


Mantra for Sagittarius: I AM healing my ego-self successfully and is drawing everything that’s for my divine path of life, Amen!!!


Capricorn – THREE of FIRE

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

Angels warn you that this month everything should be analyzed by you. Don’t go by what something looks like or is promised, not go by superfluous energies, but try to dig deep down for the real energy to show up. It also means not to act rashly and irrationally, rather than that maintain calm in every circumstance, every situation and feel what your inner knowing is saying to you and go that path.

Angels also ask you to reconnect with yourself, your inner knowing, your intuition because there are many truths, not good that will surface this month.  Things are not what they look like and your Soul angels are asking you to stand up for yourself, be honest and maintain your integrity. If you’re doing it in the face of the challenges, the Angels are saying you’ll reap amazing benefits.

You’re very motivated for what you think you can achieve this month, but apart from the manifestations the other half of your life with relationships and the relationship with your inner-self will become important. Not always good news there, may be with your partner, or your business partner, or your friends and whenever relationships becomes hard you need to still stand your ground with compassion and love, forgiveness and inner strength.

By the end of month, you’ll see that you have survived the month well with more confidence within you, you know that you’ve already manifested some of your dreams even with challenges lurking and you know that your inner knowing and strength have worked amazingly for you. So, by the end of March you’re all settled and have this inner knowing that things are going all right.


Mantra for Capricorn: I consciously with all awareness remain calm and steady at all times now. I reap high rewards with my silence.


 Aquarius – SIX of AIR

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

Move out of the difficult circumstance that you’re in, is what Angels suggest you. You’ve to seek help & support and let people you trust come in to help you. Angels say that the situation has to be looked into a new light a new way of being.

You feel drained at times because of this and you need to make a decision that is for everybody’s happiness. Also shift your beliefs about what couldn’t be in your life and it stems from doubt and fear within you which gives this idea. Angels are saying that March has energy for creating miracles in your life and if you won’t shift that belief of fear things might not come as the universe has planned them for you.

Seek that necessary change and don’t remain too focused on what’s happening and what you should do, or what you’re doing. Be open to changes and see the goodness of life so when the opportunity comes you are not too bogged down to see them and use them for your good. You’re intelligent and you know how to work through a bad phase, so Angels ask you to keep calm and remain motivated towards your life in work, in relationships, in spirituality, everywhere remain motivated and seek the best.

Mantra for Aquarius: I AM moving forward and claiming the success & abundance that is my divine right.


 Pisces – FOUR of FIRE

Tarot Zodiac Forecast For The Month Of March 2018

You’re always connected to your inner self and that’s why your emotions & feelings guide you. The Angels ask you to keep a balance in your emotions and feelings. There might be some changes in your personal relationships and that’s all good. Let go of people who’ve hurt you or made you sad, it means not thinking about the situation and the person’s attitude.

Forgiveness is very important to you this month. Unburden yourself and move ahead easily as this month promises to bring a lot of abundance and prosperity of all kind in both your inner and outer reality.

As you forgive and work with compassion, kindness and love you’ll attract all that universe wants you to have, your success, abundance, prosperity, happiness, fulfillment everything. Angels also say that you need to keep a thorough focus on your work and not on the outcome you seek. When you surrender your outcomes and dreams this way and focus solely on the work the manifestations are faster. So, there are chances with this attitude you’ll manifest far more greater abundance this month. The financial position will increase but Angels ask you to remain authentic to yourself and keep working rather than sitting and awaiting the results.

Angels also ask you to keep meditating throughout the month to keep calm and at peace. Along with that there’s an opportunity & chance for awakening to new levels of frequency for many for you. So, meditate daily throughout your birth month and receive the abundance that’s all yours!!!!


Mantra for Pisces: I AM connected with my inner divinity and is grounding my reality of abundance, prosperity & happiness to my physical reality.

By Paulamie Mukherjee

Visit Her website Paulamie Mukherjee


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