Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018

 July 02, 2018

Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018




The Angels suggest that this is the month to work on your emotional aspects. And along with that there is a lot more that is happening for you. Situations and people will react amiably to you till you’re open with them. Your stubbornness may bring difficulty to your energy of success which is quite high this month.

You are attracting a lot of success this month and there may be ideas, people and situations that will bring you manifestations. A great time to be happy about whatever you have and feel gratitude for it.

Enjoy the time without looking at not so successful past or remembering the misery that you’ve felt. Use your gratitude diary for attracting more.


Mantra: “My yin & yang are balanced and they heal my emotions completely”.


You will be either pushed or your beliefs will be so tight and wounded that you will feel that subjecting to authority and the conventional ways that the society deems fit and is your only rescue to success.

You will also feel like it will bring you success and happiness & clarity on many things you have a conflict with. Remember you’re not a person to be subjugated or coarse even by you. So if your gut feelings’ asking you not to do it then don’t. it will further bring misery. The Angels indicate that this “Falling in line” attitude will harm more and is more pronounced for you in your personal life.

Make your own way and have conviction on yourself!!!


Mantra: “I believe in the superior intelligence of the universe and my intuition, now & always”.


You are remembering and confining yourself with thoughts of the past. Some misery and sadness may come this month too more so because you keep attracting them with your fixation with your past. You’re also feeling stuck, as if there’s no way to salvation for you.

Emotions will be quite high this month what with the eclipse that’s bringing in a new shift in energy and new horizons for many. The main trick is to keep your emotions and thoughts in complete control.

Angels say that its more of a 11-number message for you this month. Keep track and clear your path for abundance.


Mantra: “I AM focused on the success I seek for myself”.


Keep your act straight this month. Think – analyze – act should be your mantra for success. You have a broad range of expectations and also many excuses for in-action. You seem to focus too much on what’s not happening or what you like to happen but not succeeding. This attitude will lead to more inaction in your thoughts, emotions and actions.

In-action this time means not focusing on the many opportunities that are coming to you, ignoring them, pretending they aren’t there as they aren’t aligned to what you want. You are fearful too to take up a new territory and a new avenue.

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