Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018

You have been worrying too much about things that aren’t so, you build a castle in your head and try to believe it’s true. This is not how you’re going to have success or manifest your dreams. You yourself is putting the spammer in your work. And till the time you let go off all the difficulties you are creating things will remain difficult.


Mantra: “I believe in my ability to create actively and positively, now”.


There may be issues with your partnerships this month and that’s both on the professional and personal front. You may feel that your expectations should have been met by people on whom you’ve put your trust and belief, but that’s not what’s happening.

Remember you are the only person responsible for your manifestations and your life, so stop giving importance to others. There may be some support from one of your partner but that may not feel adequate to you. At times you may even feel that your timing and the pace of work is all wrong.

Have patience and as you’ve committed yourself to you, stand for yourself!!!


Mantra: “My life is aligned for my highest good, now & always.”


The timing is all right for you to bask in the glory of who you really are. Your whole world is witnessing the magic that you’re weaving into your reality and how things are changing for you fast. You’re attracting the prosperity you wanted, the security you needed and the success you felt you deserve.

Your relationships are getting better, you’re attracting the right people and the right time easily and rapidly. A great month of happiness, success, joy and laughter for you.

Keep remembering your goals to keep yourself aligned all the time.


Mantra: “I AM reaping high rewards from the universe, now.”


A great transformation is happening and this month its more visible and more present. You are attracting the right circumstances and people even when for a while you may not feel so. You are in the right mind and emotion for mastering the yin and the yang and for many of you, your life path will become as crystal clear like never before. This is your month, you glory and path of life is illuminated by the divine, move without fear.

Many secrets will be revealed to you this month which are necessary for your expansion. Many of you who have been working for their ascension will manifest it.


Mantra: “I AM in the knowing of my success and my right path, now”.

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Tarot Manifestation Reading For July 2018






Written by Paulamie Das

Life Coach, Manifestation Guide, Tarot Master, Yogin, Teacher, Author, Sacred Symbol Expert, Soul Communion Expert

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The world can not corrupt me I power my own light

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