Tarot Intuitive Reading For June 2018




It seems that you will remain motivated and inspired throughout the month. You’ll not et the obstacles mar your journey to success. You’re ready to do everything that takes for reaching a goal including coming out of your secure spot and daring a few things.

Fear when conquered leads to success and you have the opportunity this month for the same. Angels say that you have infinite energy this month and they ask you to use the energy wisely. Your thoughts will be your doing & undoing, so invest in them wisely too. Another aspect is your ego-self which needs to be kept placated. A wonderous journey of opportunity & manifestation for you this month.





There’s a lot that’s happening for you this month including growth & expansion. But the energy that is dominating is that of a surprise misery and difficulty. It seems that Universe wants to look at things differently and you’ve not been doing so and which is why many people & situations in your life will create problems, issues and obstacles which will delay your success and gaol. It’s also necessary that you go through this routine because you have done many things which were not for the highest good for you or anybody else.

You haven’t asked for advise where required. Take every difficulty in your stride, learn and understand and things will get better. This card and Angels indicate that a change required within is what can & will create magic this month. Otherwise, things will get difficult.





A month to work for your security and protection. Many of you feel that the relationships in your life is not rewarding you with the kind of affection, love & support that you deserve and so there’s a disappointment there. Many of you may be working to create a financial security of your liking, whatever it is Angels suggest that you focus on your intentions of what you want rather than what you don’t want.

This card angels suggest of very strong manifesting energy which will help you dispel most of the issues of your life this month. With the right thought, belief and attitude your work will progress amazingly.

Remember that there will be many opportunities for growth in your work/career and in the areas regarding your manifestation. When need ask for help & give help, it will create new acquaintances and your horizon will increase this month.





An amazing month of celebration and completion. Many of your work will be on the verge of completion or will be completed where earlier there always was one or the other obstacle to stop the growth. This is a good month for your manifestations and it seems that you will become crystal clear of your goals and what do you want. When its clear you will work through to produce the result and most of the times this month you’ll be a success.

There will be lots of causes to celebrate including your success and your loved ones too. So, the month is bringing in many new energies to reckon with and look forward to. Always remember to maintain the discipline with which you work & play 😊

Many of you will take a much-required vacation or leisure time out this month. Remember to always keep your focus and not letting your karmic mind work for you in any circumstances. The energies are too good to miss out on.





This month will bring some celebration and lots of opportunities in every area of your life. If you are focussed on getting a new job or starting a new venture then this is the month for you. Know that your feelings matter as lot in attracting whatever is necessary, even your right soul-mate, so keep a balance in your feelings and use your passion in manifesting whatever you desire for.

Angels also suggest that there’s some kind of healing required for you and if you’re working for it, its good, and if not, then there may be some circumstances that will highlight the issues you need to address. Don’t get agitated or depressed with them but know how to work through these difficulties and learn your lesson.

Paulamie Dashttp://paulamiedas.com/
Life Coach, Manifestation Guide, Tarot Master, Yogin, Teacher, Author, Sacred Symbol Expert, Soul Communion Expert
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